Outpost Alpha: Florida Station


The titular home of the Xeno Training Program, Outpost Alpha sits on the shores of Lake Okeechobe. Originally built in the 50’s over the remains of Old Okeechobe, the compound has been updated and retrofitted to accommodate the needs of the Xeno Training and begin preparing potential applicants for their inevitable encounters with the Greater Powers that humanity now knows wander the Earth and beyond.

Points of Interest:

The Broom Closet: The office of professor Graham Ulysses. Behind its weathered door seems to exist what might likely be a whole other world, one far too big for the space it should be occupying. Within towering bookshelves cluttered with books, scrolls, computers, data slates, and the brick a brack of a 1,000 lifetimes seems to have been wedged, cataloged by some ancient force and now left to gather dust. The actual dimensions of this space are unknown and the totality of its contents are still unverified.

Dorms: The homes of all new recruits, these spaces are designed to offer both comfort and safety to those residing on the premises. All of these spaces include a sleeping area, common room, bathroom, and small kitchen. They also include computers with access to the internet and Alpha’s own electronic databases along with eReaders with access to the complete digital catalog of the Jefferson Library in DC.

The Footlocker: The nickname for the equipment storage armory, this area is divided into 3 sections to better categorize the variety of gear Alpha base has accrued.

Outpost Alpha: Florida Station

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