Xeno Training

The Journey Thus Far pt. 1
Prologues and Preamble
Founded as part of a slew of programs meant to study and combat the threats to mankind from beyond time and space, The Xeno Training program has collected a ragtag collection specialist hopefuls from around the world and beyond, hoping to find even a small number capable of becoming the representatives of Earth against all the odd and strange that our tiny blue marble has begun to experience. Unfortunately the requirements are steep and the work even rougher but from amongst the chaos of rigorous physical training, mind bending puzzles, and the esoteric ephemera of the mysterious professor nearly a dozen students have managed to make it to the final test. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Kori, Raven, and Roy Harper have made it to the final challenge, The Abandoned Place. Described as a pocket dimension where all that is ever lost or left behind eventually comes to rest it is here that these two tiny parties must complete their final task, find a trinket of something they have left behind and use it to go home. But the task seems easier said than done and as these young cadets are beginning to worry the cost of leaving this place of harmless tranquility might be worse than any wound they have yet to face. Will these eager youths manage to return home and learn the lesson the Lanky Lecturer has sent them to uncover, or will they be lost here forever, abandoned just like the reality they find themselves adrift in?
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