Kaine Parker


Name: Kaine “Parker”
Known Aliases: Kaine, Tarantula, Arana Escalara
Age: 25
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 220 lbs
Nationality: American
Education: None Known
Power level: 3
Occupation: Xeno Training Operative (in training)

Abilities: Super strength, tactile surface scaling, super human reflexes, caustic touch, precognitive abilities, retractable bone spurs.


The degenerative clone of Peter Parker, Kaine has spent most of his life on the loose as the psychopath and hitman known variously as Kaine, Tarantula, or Arana Escalara. Throughout this time he has acted as a constant thorn in the side of Spiderman, Ben Reilly, and various other superhero entities throughout the last half decade.
This all changed after the events of Spider island when the actions of his brothers and the mysterious Madame Web drove him to be something he didn’t expect of himself, heroic. His actions saved the world and managed to repair much of the issues with his faulty genetics, unfortunately it also cost him Ben and got him… something else. Now with a fixed face, a semi sane mind, and whatever this thing is following him Kaine’s just looking for somewhere to start over, maybe Florida?

Kaine Parker

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